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Photo Diary: Luxembourg and Germany

July 30, 2017

I hope you are ready for Part 2 of my summer vacation photo diary series! This summer my family and I vacationed in Europe and visited 4 countries. My first photo diary was of our time in the Netherlands. After the Netherlands, we spent a couple days in Luxembourg and Germany.

The first thing we noticed about Luxembourg was its modern vibe. It reminded me of the vibe that the business area of Los Angeles has. Since Luxembourg is a small country, it is easy to walk to your destination. However, Luxembourg also has reliable and clean public transportation in case anyone gets tired.

Afterwards, we spent a day in Germany, in the Roman city of Trier. I enjoyed walking through Trier and learning its history and marveling at the beautifully constructed buildings. Later, we drove over the Moselle River and had dinner at a restaurant on top of a hill. The views of the countryside were stunning; I felt like I was inside a postcard or a pretty jigsaw puzzle. The one downside was that the countryside made my allergies flare up. Therefore I recommend bringing a bunch of Claritin. Let’s move onto the photos!


Our hotel was next to the European Parliament of Luxembourg.

Here are some pretty buildings in the shopping center in Luxembourg, Luxembourg.








The beautiful Moselle River.

The Cathedral of Trier is the oldest cathedral in Germany. Doesn’t it look like a castle?

Beautiful views and delicious desserts make a Happy Hanna.

Thanks for checking out my second photo diary! There is only one country left in my series, can you guess which one? Until next time!

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