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Photo Diary: Belgium

August 2, 2017

Here it is: the third and final part of my Europe photo diary series. The fourth country we visited was Belgium and it was hands down my favorite destination. There is so much history and culture on every street along with countless chocolate and waffle shops. The sweet aromas and the picturesque architecture created a welcoming atmosphere as we explored.

We first stopped in Dinant, where Adolphe Sax, the creator of the saxophone, grew up. There were numerous colorful saxophone sculptures throughout the town. Afterwards, we visited the city I was most excited to see, Bruges. Bruges is the prettiest place I have ever seen and I felt immediately at home. The entire town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, hence its well preserved medieval architecture. I strongly encourage every traveller to experience the charm of Bruges for themselves.

I was sad to leave Bruges but was excited to see more of Belgium. The next stop was Brussels to see some icons such as the Atomium and the Manneken Pis. The Market Square aka the Grand Place, was filled with people since it was also Belgium’s Independence Day. The city was filled with good vibes; there was even a huge firework show that evening!

Finally, my family spent a day in Antwerp to sample some more local flavor. We roamed the Grote Markt and marveled at the Cathedral of Our Lady. The best cup of coffee I had in Europe was in Antwerp. I also appreciated the free chocolate and biscuits it came with.

Dinant and Bruges


My favorite saxophone.
The oldest building in Bruges.

The canals were filled with swans.

Some of the prettiest and tastiest waffles I’ve ever had.
Best moment in Bruges.



The Atomium.

The Manneken Pis.
Me wondering what I’m doing with my life, posing with a peeing boy.
We had a pretty view at our hotel in Brussels.
Dinner on the roof.



This pattern is known as “bacon strips.”

The center of the Grote Markt.
Inside the Cathedral of our Lady.

I hoped you enjoyed my photo diary series as much as I did. I can’t wait to travel again! Where do you want to travel to?

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  1. Well done Hanna Boparai! You are a great narrator! After reading your photo and travel diary, I feel like I have been there. Awesome pictures and description.

    1. I tried not to eat too much chocolate oh but it was a real challenge! It was delicious! Thanks for checking out my site 🙂

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