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29Rooms by Refinery29

December 19, 2017

Earlier this month I visited the pop-up exhibit 29Rooms by Refinery29 in Downtown Los Angeles. 29Rooms is based in New York but came to DTLA for 2 weekends. I knew it would be a unique interactive experience so I am very happy that I was able to get tickets! The exhibit consisted of 29 different themed rooms that ranged from showcasing different artist’s visions and empowering messages to fun advertisements. I liked how most of the rooms in Los Angeles were different from the New York rooms. This kept the exhibit fresh and full of surprises. This year’s theme was Turn It Into Art which allowed guests to fully immerse themselves into the artwork! The artists all interpreted this theme differently, hence making the exhibit even more cool! Some rooms chose to feature guests themselves as the art while others let guests help create the art.

Since there was so much to see, I took a bunch of photos. Keep scrolling to see the best ones!

29Rooms in Los Angeles, 2017

The exhibit Fair Grounds by Google Pixel 2 and Nina Chanel Abney featured a slide, swing, and a four-person seesaw.

The other Google Pixel 2 exhibit was mainly an advertisement for the phone by showcasing its powerful camera. I was a big fan!

The Tales We Tell room by Emma Roberts and Belletrist encourages people to keep print media and storytelling alive.

The What’s Your Frequency room by Janelle MonĂ¡e reminds us to use film as a way to document injustice and spread awareness.

The New World room by Toyota featured a new Camry but the surreal animations and decor around the room are what caught my eye.

The Flavor Chambers by Perrier and HOTTEA were a fun way to learn about all the flavors of Perrier. Since they gave out free drinks, I tried the watermelon flavor and really liked it!

Marc Jacobs’ World of Daisy was one of the cutest rooms! Everyone was just enjoying playing with the flowers and smelling the Daisy perfume.

The Art of Elysium’s room, Art Heals, asked guests to use art as a way to relieve stress. I thought it was pretty neat that we could paint whatever we wanted on the spheres to leave our mark.

The Laugh-O-Matic by Sasheer Zamata was designed to look like a carwash but with bubbles.

Hear Our Voice by Women’s March encouraged guests to speak up for women’s rights.

I love makeup so I was excited to see Urban Decay’s room: Portraits of Self Expression.

The Trophy Room was a collaboration with the makers of the film I, Tonya and Margot Robbie.

The Future is Female room by Madame Gandhi and Jen Mussari was fun way to spread the message of female empowerment. I also learned that I am terrible at boxing.

To celebrate the premiere of the second season of The Crown on Netflix, the One Woman, Many Crowns room let you try on many crowns.

Gifts and Samples

SheaMoisture was very generous with their samples; I got both hair and face products. Perrier was handing out flavored sparkling water and another room gave out coffee. Urban Decay gave out samples of their Troublemaker mascara and Marc Jacobs gave out mini vials of their Daisy perfume.

Overall, the One Woman, Many Crowns room was my favorite since there was gold confetti flying throughout the room and I loved trying all the fancy crowns. Tickets for 29Rooms are sold out but hopefully you will be able to go next year. I know I will! What room did you like the best? Leave a comment down below!