Fall Lookbook

October 27, 2017

Hello everyone! It’s finally my favorite season of the year: fall! For me, fall means pumpkin scented candles, apple pies, and dramatic makeup looks. However, the best part is definitely the fashion choices! I feel like I can get the most creative and colorful looks in autumn. In Southern California, fall weather can get either super hot or chilly. Somedays it feels like there is a 20 degree difference between the morning and the afternoon. Here are a few outfits I put together for the different temperatures!

Outfit 1

My major key to get through the days with roller coaster weather is to dress in layers. A classic look is to wear a fitted jacket with a top tucked into a high-waisted skirt. I opted to wear a sturdy corduroy skirt with a lace-up knitted top, both from Target. I layered this with a fitted denim jacket from H&M. Another part of why I love dressing for fall is that I get to wear my boots again! These funky patent deep purple booties are from Zara and they add the perfect edgy finish to this outfit. You can always add a pair of tights to this look if it’s a cooler day.

Outfit 2

A closeup of the Zara booties.

Another idea would be to pair thick jeans with a sweater top for an easy and put together look. Levi’s jeans are an affordable and high quality choice that will last for a long time. I’m wearing the Slim Skinny fit. I chose a lightweight plaid sweater top from Topshop that was equally cute and comfortable. It’s slightly cropped, which keeps the top from looking frumpy. Once again, I wore my chunky Zara booties. For accessories, I wore a rose gold bangle from Kate Spade. A blazer or a long jacket would be great outerwear choices.

Outfit 3

My final essential fall outfit is a long sleeve top with jeans. I really like this navy sweater that I got on sale(!) at H&M. The lace detailing is so pretty and it makes me feel a classy lady ready to do work. The Slim Skinny Levi’s are one of my favorite jeans so I wore them again for this look. These brown, slip on ankle boots are by Unisa and can be found at DSW. This particular pair is great because it lasts multiple seasons!


I hope you all are inspired to create some fun and colorful autumn looks! Let me know in the comments below what is your staple piece for fall! Don’t forget to subscribe to get email updates and to check out my social medias at the bottom of the page. Until next time!

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