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January 9, 2018

Hello everyone! This month I was lucky enough to have the ability to work with En Route Jewelry (click for link) to review their products. Honestly, I was so excited for this opportunity because jewelry is one of my favorite parts of an outfit, along with makeup. The right piece of jewelry can really elevate your look to a new level. En Route Jewelry has a nice selection of both bold and unique pieces to accommodate many styles. For this review, I have three pairs of earrings to share.

Earrings are Everything

These are the Stars of the Night Drop Earrings which can be found here. They are currently on sale so get them soon if you like them!

These are my favorite earrings out of the three because of how unique and glamorous they are! They are lightweight and instantly make any outfit more special and fun. I don’t have any other earrings similar to this so I am very happy to add these to my collection.

This pair is the Diamond Twig Earring which can be found here.

What makes this pair different is that both the stud and the backing combine to make one fancy dangly earring since the dangly part is actually attached to the backing. I appreciate the clever thought behind this pair. They can be either dressed up or dressed down very easily.

The third pair is the Rose Gold Earring which you can get here.

I initially thought that the earrings were actually a rose gold color but it is a golden rose. I personally am a big fan of these because they are effortlessly beautiful and classy. They also remind me of Beauty and the Beast.

Overall, all three pairs of earrings are lightweight and pretty. Mostly importantly, they are made of a material suitable for sensitive ears. I would wholeheartedly recommend En Route Jewelry for anyone looking for new accessories. Lucky for you, I have a discount code so that you can save 20% off any purchase you make! You can either use the code Hanna20 at checkout or use this link to save some coins!

Disclaimer: If you use this link or code, I will make a small amount of money at no cost to you. I am promoting En Route Jewelry because I believe in their products and customer service. Thank you!

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