Back to School Lookbook

September 5, 2017

The end of summer usually means the beginning of a new school year. Even though I graduated in June, I’m taking a few post-baccalaureate classes at my local community college. I love challenging myself by learning new and interesting things. Even though I enjoy going to school to learn, I also enjoy deciding what to wear to class! Wearing something comfy is key and feeling put together makes me feel ready to take on the day. Here’s what I wore my first week at school.


I have lab on Mondays so I have to be sure to wear jeans and sneakers to protect myself. I prefer to dress casually for lab so I can work without distractions. The white sneakers are from Target and the cropped jeans are from Zara. My basic white tee is also from Zara. The backpack in the top photo is from Herschel Supply Co.


Tuesdays are also lab day so I paired my trusty Target sneakers with some funky jeans from GAP. My ruffle cami is from Mais Oui. I love this top since it is super soft and comfortable which makes it great for a long day of classes.


The second half of my week is only lectures so I have more freedom with my clothing. Good thing since it was over 100 degrees that week! These sandals are by Steve Madden. My floral high-waisted shorts are from American Apparel and my gray tee is from H&M. These shorts are great for a hot day since they’re made from linen.


I saved a dress for the last day of the week. This black and white striped t-shirt dress from H&M is one of my favorite clothing pieces in my closet! It is super comfortable and the simple print elevates it to chic. These gray lace-up flats are from Target.

The class I’m most excited for this semester is Genetics. New treatments and therapies are researched using information collected from genes and I want to be able to understand how this information is beneficial. Leave a comment sharing what your favorite class is and what you like to wear to school! Be sure to subscribe to my blog and to let me know so I can follow you back!

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  1. Great outfits for the week! You look super cool and comfy!
    Genetics is definitely a difficult but intriguing subject. I would love to learn genetics but research is my favorite subject. Research tells me what’s latest and greatest! So I like research.

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